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We are producers of leather garments, leather handbag leather footwea goods from India

The company was established in 1985 currently we are producing for over 20 clienbin Europe and USA Major destinations for our goods are Germany, France UK USA Netherlands and Italy

We have 3 fully owned factories in and around New Delhi. Our current work force s’a ittle over 500

The third production unit is a state-of the art a 4 star rating as a “Green Factory” by “GRIHA” (Green Rating for Integraled Habitat Assessment) a non- jovemment agency approved by the Ministry of Environment, Government of India. The factory is a first of its kind in the leather industry. This rating is equivalent to a gold rating from LEED

Team Punihani comprises of highly skilled and experienced personnel in at kay departments with emphasis on design and product development, pattem making and leather research.

We have our offices at main leather sourcing centers in India, like Chennai and Kokak We also import raw material of New Zealand ongin Finished leather is also being imported from italy as per custoer’s request.

All metal accessories used in our production are imported from China/ Hong Kong. The zips are always YKK or recommended by our customers.

The company has received several awards for “Best Exports Performance in Leather Garments/Leather Accessories” and “National Productivity and Innovation” awards from the Council of Leather Exports and the Ministry of Commerce. We have also been recently awarded with the first position for “Best Leather Goods Design-Hand Bags by the Council For Leather Exports in India. Our factories are approved by-


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By virtue of being in this trade for so long, the company’s forte is manufacturing, as well as sourcing. Punihani International works with a comprehensive variety of skins and hides. These premium quality skins and hides are sourced from India as well as other countries like Italy and New Zealand.

The company has its dedicated offices manned by a well-informed Quality Control team at all the prime leather sourcing centres across India. This not only facilitates developing new leather qualities, but also helps the company to keep a stringent quality control on bulk leather production.

As a step contributing towards a greener planet, we source our leathers from LWG certified tanneries
We make sustained efforts to ensure that the leathers we source for our products do not disturb the ecological balance; a major step in this direction is usage and promotion of chrome free tanned and vegetable tanned leathers

The metal accessories, in particular, are sourced from China/Hong Kong. As far as zippers are concerned, they are always YKK or customer-specific, while leather, lining and a wide range of accessories used in the end products are always REACH compliant.


Management at Punihani International is committed to the satisfaction of its customers. Quality products that are delivered at the right time and at the right price are the paramount focus of the company.

Manufacturing is complemented with stringent quality control at different stages of production. With years of experience, starting from the sourcing of raw material to understanding the natural characteristics of leather, cutting, stitching and finishing processes, each and every operation at Punihani International is carried out by highly skilled and experienced personnel, to facilitate ease of production as well as adherence to the international quality parameters.

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